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Precast Hollow Core Planks.

Hollow core planks are precast, pre-stressed concrete elements that are generally used for flooring.

The concrete hollow core slabs have between four and six longitudinal cores running through them, the primary purpose of the cores being to decrease the weight, and material within the floor, yet maintain maximal strength.

Advantages are as follows:

  • Rapid Construction
  • Flexible in design
  • Durability
  • Light weight structure
  • Long span, up to 17m
  • Fire resistance

Precast Beams & Columns.

Our product thickness is designed as 75mm, 95mm, or 115mm prestressed slabs and used on site with a 50mm reinforced topping screed in an unpropped construction.

Precast, hollow core, concrete beams and columns advantages:

  • No Propping to beams
  • No need for expensive on-site formwork
  • Flexibility with design as various cross sections are available

Precast Wall Panels.

Precast concrete wall panels have become a standard building component in Melbourne with a large number of precasters servicing the market.

Precast, hollow core, concrete wall panel advantages:

  • Quick and efficient in constructing walls
  • Complete geometric flexibility
  • Wide range of architectural finishes

About Hollow Core Concrete

Hollow Core Concrete Pty. Ltd. is perfect for your next project.

Since we were founded in 1988, Hollow Core Concrete has developed a reputation for excellence in the provision of cost efficient precast structural systems.

We have served an array of prestigious clients and assisted them in achieving quality outcomes which are both economic and reliable. The aim of our company is to provide cost effective structural designs and industry leading products which are of the highest standard.

Supporting you from start to finish.

With the assistance of our own specialist in-house design team, we provide clients and their project consultants with design and feasibility solutions which utilise Hollow Core's precast components. From the initial concept to the final design, this cooperative approach to construction reduces costs, improves quality and results in an efficient use of resources. By combining our renowned expertise with the use of precast products, Hollow Core deliver a total precast structural solution that meets specific construction needs.

Unparalleled Industry Leaders.

State-of-the-art European technology is employed in the manufacture of Hollow Core's range of prestressed and precast concrete products. It has proven to be the most cost effective, safe and efficient method of construction. Our structural system offers distinct advantages in the construction of a wide variety of projects.

New Technical Resource Available

The new Precast Design Guide is now available for download

Providing detailed design guidelines for the design of precast buildings, this new book by Barry Crisp is an excellent resource for architects and engineers designing precast solutions.


This Design Guide is intended to fill this knowledge gap by providing a detailed review of this subject and thereby promoting a greater awareness and understanding of how precast concrete buildings are constructed. It will concentrate on discussing the concepts of precast concrete buildings but will refer to referenced documents for the detailed design. It has been written particularly for those already familiar with this form of construction but do not have the detailed knowledge of the detailing required to plan and design a complete precast concrete building.


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