Utilising the thermal mass of a building is a very effective way of maintaining comfortable and stable temperatures.

TermoDeck© is a fan-assisted, heating, cooling and ventilation system that uses the high thermal mass of structural, hollow core floor slabs through which warmed or cooled fresh air is distributed. The supply air passes through the hollow cores at low velocities, allowing prolonged contact between the air and the slabs. This enables the slabs to behave as passive heat exchange elements that release heat to, or absorb heat from, the air in the slabs. The temperature difference, between the slab and the air that exits the slab, is not more than 1 and 2 degrees celsius.

TermoDeck© in conjunction with simple refrigerant-free mechanical ventilation, simple ductwork, and low U-value materials, creates an holistic system that is quiet in operation, unobtrustive in appearance, and which provides the stable internal conditions required for most types of buildings including offices, libraries, hotels, schools, hospitals, theatres and universities.

Some of the benefits of TermoDeck are:

  • Reduced energy consumption due to the recovery of up to 90% of the heat from the extract air stream;
  • Low environmental impact - Reduced carbon dioxide emissions;
  • Comfortable, stable temperatures all year, with no draughts;
  • Design flexibility - Visual unobtrusiveness of the system allows architects and interior designers more scope within which to design and manipulate spaces and surfaces;
  • Reduce capital costs - No need for suspended ceilings as there is no ceiling void, it is possible to reduce storey heights
  • Reduced building running, operating and maintenance costs




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