Residential Project

Edzell House, Toorak

An entire residential build using precast concrete; Edzell House was our largest and most complex residential jobs to date. Not only did this job include beams, columns, panels, slabs and hollow core, we produced lift shafts, stairs, spandrels and light wells.

This pioneering construction showcases lift shafts with class one concrete finishes and curved spandrels as a prominent facade feature.

Complexities arose mainly with site access, but also due to corona virus. Not only did we successfully ensure COVID-19 compliance during lockdown in 2020, we also had to maneuver between a 35mm clearance with the pre-existing heritage listed building on site. To ensure safety, functionality, durability and compliance we specifically designed and constructed a temporary crane access deck as well.

We worked with long time partner, Surrey Developments to bring this construction to life. In total over 400 precast elements totaling over 1700 tonnes were designed manufactured, delivered and installed by our team.

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