Commercial Project

Werribee Double Storey Office and Retail space

This project required a range of different precast elements for a double story building, featuring retail space on the ground floor and office space above. We worked alongside Hagta Group on this project, and we were involved in the design phase, as well as, the manufacturing, delivery and installation of the concrete.

The total job comes in at approximately 460m2, consisting of 7 columns and 5 beams, spanning a combined total of 52 lineal metres. As well as this, we delivered 400m2 of Hollow Core planks, 40m2 of balcony slabs, steel columns and beams, and not to mention 245sqm of wall panels (including lift shafts).

Not only were all the elements delivered and installed within 3 days, but we were able to provide more space in the retail shops. How? Well, our unique long spanning hollow core planks allowed for the removal of a row of columns and beams. Without this it would have taken up valuable retail space. These long spanning planks are a constant advantage for all our clients looking for more internal space.

This site did come with its challenges. It's neighbouring a busy shopping plaza and directly on a bustling main road. Luckily, the use of precast allowed for an accelerated construction program by constructing the footings on site and the precast components in our yard at the same time, ensuring minimal disruption to the Werribee community.

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