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Bridge Projects

Lysterfield Bridge Victoria
precast concrete

Lysterfield Bridge

Three spans of hollow bridge planks rated for Vic roads T44 capacity, 3.6 meters wide.

The bridge planks were landed on piers with structural steel, three planks side by side.

The outside or edge planks were manufactured with upstands to eliminate the need for edge form for the pouring of structural screed.

Two cranes were engaged, one at each bank to install the planks to achieve the reach required.

The bridge planks were installed in one day. Reinforcing and topping screed was placed on one consecutive day.

brentwood bridge construction team

The Brentwood Bridge

The longest single span precast bridge designed and constructed for the Melbourne City Link Project was the Brentwood Bridge spanning 42 metres and weighing 145 tonnes.

Manufacture was completed at our Laverton factory, the bridge was transported to site by a transporter with the overall length of the load being 80 metres.

brentwood bridge in place

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